How to find the right battery

There are many different types of batteries suitable for many differant types of laptops.

The best way to find your "Replacement" battery is to find the OEM Number (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of your current battery as we and our suppliers have done all the hard work for you.
Once you have your OEM Number, simply enter that in to our search bar at the top, and like magic our website will find your battery.

Finding your OEM Number:

Below is my Laptop Battery (removed) highlighting the OEM Number.


Example numbers:


IBM FRU 02K7052
Compaq 383510-001
Toshiba PA3098U-1BAS
Dell IM-M150269
ASUS 70-NA51B2100

If you have any trouble finding the needed number on your laptop or battery, please feel free to give us a call.

Were here to help.

09 282 3199

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